Manufacturing Process Comparison Chart

Parameters Investment Casting Sand Casting Forging Metal Injection Molding Shell Molding Pressure Die Casting Gravity Die Casting Sheet Metal Machining
Product Soundness High Poor Very High High Poor Average Poor High High
Metal Option Most Most Average Average Average Few Few Average Most
Design Freedom Most Average Least Average Average Least Least Average Most
Capability By Weight Average Very High High Very Low Average Average Average Average Average
Capability By Tonnage High Very High Very High Low High Average Average Average High
Tolerance Control Average Poor Average High Poor High Poor High High
Size Range Average Large Average Small Average Average Average Average Average
Surface Finish Best Poor Average Best Average Best Average Best Best
Wall Minimum Average Large Large Small Average Small Large Small Small
Development Time Long Long Average Very Long Long Very Long Long Long Average
Delivery Time Average Short Short Short Short Short Short Short Short
Draft Required No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Tooling Cost Average Low High High Average High High Average Average
Unit Cost High* Average Average High* Average Low Low Average High*
*While intial costs can be higher but a lower overall cost can be achived
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