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About Gravity Group of Companies

Gravity Cast Pvt. Ltd. - Gravity Group of Companies is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Metal Parts like Casting, Forging, Stamping and Precision Machining Products in India.
Gravity Cast Pvt. Ltd. - Gravity Group of Companies was established in 2004 manufacturing Investment Castings (Lost Wax Process) and Based on Customer Demand Single Window - One Stop Solution point of view step by step our portfolio increased with other Casting, Forging, Stamping and Precision Machining methods which able to supply components in various conditions like Raw, Finished, Assembled or as per Customer's Demand.
Gravity Group has earned reputation by providing Metal Parts to the various industries according to their standard requirement and also in customized shape, size and wide range of materials. Our experienced team are involved for providing a superior product value, rather than just a low unit cost with assured quality within time frame.
Gravity Group has developed some Specialized & Monopolized Manufacturing Processes which Creates Part Soundness on very High Quality Level with considering Zero-Defect concept based on some Premium Customers Specific Requirement.
Vision of

Gravity Group of Companies

Core Purpose

To Provide Effective Solution Through Design And Quality.

Core Values

Value For Money, Timely Delivery, Enhancing Your Brand Value 'Q' & 'Q' (Quality & Quantity).


To Be A One Stop Solution For Metal Parts By 2030.

Brand Promise

100% Customer Satisfaction.
Gravity Group of Companies

Our History

Our story begins in 2004 as our Chairman establishes Gravity Cast Pvt. Ltd. for an Investment (Lost-Wax) Casting manufacturing company in the western zone of Gujarat to serve the India and Global region.
Forging technology is established for those customers who is looking for high level part soundness requirement with volumetric part quantities and quality.
Our unprecedented growth leads our expansions around the Global region and in 2008, Gravity Group of Companies was established Machining division as complete finished product solution.
Further expansion in the western zone of Gujarat in 2010, Gravity Group of Companies was established Cast N Forge technology for sepcific customers requirement.
To ensure the highest International Standard of Metal Parts Manufacturing, In 2014 Gravity Group of Companies developed Automatic Laser Welding technology.
Gravity Group of Companies welcomes Pressure Die Casting technology as the research & development core for the typical metals in the various industries.
Ceramic Core technology is established for the solution in the various critical component segment as Value Added process.
Gravity Group of Companies with National & International companies and holds a strong position in the market as the reliable supplier for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Block Mould Casting.
Gravity Group of Companies further development and expansions are planned in the near future.
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