Gravity Cast Pvt. Ltd.

Gravity Cast Pvt. Ltd., your experience with us and your customers experience of your product goes hand in hand.

Leading Design, Development & Mass production Of Investment Castings

Gravity cast is company engaged in design , development & mass production of investment castings through various widely acknowledged processes.

Backed by a team of technocrats, the key is Effective project management to integrate a wide range of inputs within a global strategy that innovates on time and on budget is our obsession, as we know it is yours.

At Gravity Cast Pvt. Ltd., we have been working for the development and refinement of products. Professional training, the teams cumulative experience and the range of technical tools at our disposal ensure a structural approach.

Strong implementation skills relay on our technical strengths in a wide range of materials and processes. We specify solutions that respond to the precise needs of your application, your needs as our client and the needs of your customer.

Quality Policy

Gravity Cast is dedicated to the production of Nickel-base, Cobalt-base, low-alloy and stainless steel investment casting of consistently high quality for a variety of industries.

Gravity Cast is the names synonymous with quality. This is achieved by systematic control of all variables involved in the casting production process-from the basic raw materials through all the manufacturing operations, and inspection of the finished product.

We believe that it is our primary responsibility to deliver a value-added quality product on time. Our concept of valve to the customer involves assisting him with the design of a new part, maintaining a technological edge, and finally delivering a defect-free product within the promised time frame. Gravity Cast is committed to further enhancing the quality of its products and had made major investments in advanced manufacturing technology to achieve this.