About Us

At Gravity Cast Pvt. Ltd., we have been working for the development and refinement of products. Professional training, the teams cumulative experience and the range of technical tools at our disposal ensure a structural approach.

Advantage of Investment Casting

Complicated and intricate shape/design of part can be easily cast. Excellent surface finish as like mirror finish. Complete design flexibility. Superior metallurgical properties. Parts weight from 1 grams to 75 Kgs can be cast. Suitable for batch as well as mass production. (25 Nos to 50,000 nos can be cast per lot) Closer dimensional tolerance. Casting Tolerance is +/- 0.2 per 25 mm. Unlimited choice of alloy, all type of ferrous and non ferrous alloy can be cast. Machining and fabrication may be avoided in single parts. Easily machined components.

Mission Statement

To evolve the efficient and cost effective solution in the field of Engineering using Creativity, Intelligence and Dedication. Exercise Excellency and honesty in profession to provide the best services in the field of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing. Using innovative approach providing high-tech solutions at low cost and share the rewards with customers and employees. We measure our success by the value we create for our customers.


Over the past few months we have turned our attentions to International market place along with serving Indian industry which does have enormous needs for the benefit of Investment castings.

Our clients base includes Automotive industries, Pump & Valve industries, Aerospace& Defence industries, Medical industries and General Engineering industries, Textile Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry.

Quality Policy:

It is the policy of the Company to establish, maintain and continually improve an effective quality system to ensure and demonstrate that castings supplied meet customer requirement. To continually improve manufacturing and process capabilities, to enhance quality of castings. To keep upgrading technology, improve costs and increase safety of employees in processes.

The Company shall be committed to supply goods and services of the highest quality standards, backed by efficient after-sales service consistent with the requirements of the customers to ensure their total satisfaction. The quality standards of the company's goods and services should at least meet the required national standards, and the company should endeavor to achieve international standards.

Quality Control Facilities
Quality Policy Statement:

Gravity Cast is dedicated to the production of Nickel-base, Cobalt-base, low-alloy and stainless steel investment casting of consistently high quality for a variety of industries. Gravity Cast is the names synonymous with quality. This is achieved by systematic control of all variables involved in the casting production process-from the basic raw materials through all the manufacturing operations, and inspection of the finished product.

We believe that it is our primary responsibility to deliver a value-added quality product on time. Our concept of valve to the customer involves assisting him with the design of a new part, maintaining a technological edge, and finally delivering a defect-free product within the promised time frame. Gravity Cast is committed to further enhancing the quality of its products and had made major investments in advanced manufacturing technology to achieve this.

Company policy is directed toward the production of castings which meet our customer requirements in every way. Consequently, the Quality systems employed at Gravity Cast is based upon the concept of controlling at every stage of manufacture, the variables involved in the production of the castings. It commences with the control of raw materials and includes customer service and engineering. Such control of variables at separate stages enables quality to be built into the product and identifies individual responsibilities.

The quality manual places the approach to quality on a formal basis and its details and documents all stages of the application of the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This policy statement is the mandate for the application of the principles listed in this manual.

It is the declared policy of the organization that all employees shall be committed to the maintenance of quality and that they are trained in the necessary practices to achieve this.

Immediate responsibility for the maintenance of the required quality level is vested in the quality assurance manager who had the defined authority to ensure that the practices detailed in the Manuel or any subsequent modifications are fully maintained. He had direct access to the president of the company in the event of any dispute or changes in the quality policy.

Vision Mission Objectives